Working with Kernel Development

Working with Kernel Development

1. Traditional Kernel Recipe
2. Custom Kernel Recipe
3. Linux-yocto Kernel Recipe
4. Multi-meta Kernel Recipe
5. When to use which
6. Recipe Space vs Repo Space
7. Using Local Choices
there is no such thing “Yocto Kernel”, Yocto kernel are based on upstream kernels .Yocto simply adds machinary and meta data on top.
It would be more accurate to say “Yocto meta kernel” .

There are three Yocto kernel repo at any times like linux-yocto_3.2 , linux-yocto_3.4 and linux-yocto_dev Local Kernel Recipe Points to a yocto kernel repo Adds yocto kernel tooling and ready to use objects Config Fragments Kernel Feature Kernel Types. The SRC_URI points to a git clone and two branches machine branches meta branches

ready to use the pool of config fragments and kernel features BSP defination(top level kernel features)
The combined sum products produces the .config
To add a patch
1. Add it directly to the machine branches
2. add it on .src file using patch command
3. Add via SRC_URI as before
consider moving your kernel to linux-yocto continually updated.

Direct accesses to config You can do it all

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