The homeowner can access data regarding their home through a conventional web browser upon the user's computer. The homeowner can access their specific “control page” upon the web site by using a user name and password or any other acceptable means for accessing the data from their home. The control page can have various structures, design and information available for the homeowner. In addition, the control page may be customize able for allowing only the desired information upon the control page such as the customized information portion of the control page. The control page may be customized to display one or more images of a specific home along with customized information relating to weather conditions and other information.

The homeowner can select which home they desire to receive data from by selecting the appropriate home within the home selector. The homeowner can view images of the interior and exterior of their home through the web browser by selecting the section containing the images. The user can view either still images or video images  as desired. It can be appreciated that various other features may be utilized for monitoring the images of the home.