When the host Linux PC has been set up in accordance with the instructions provided with your chosen distribution, the next step is to install the FTSLinux distribution. Any changes that are needed to the host's installation are described later in the Getting Started Guide.

These are main stages in installing the FTSLinux Distribution.

  • The first stage is obtaining a copy of the distribution. You may already have this as a set of RPMs, either on a CD, or as part of an application specific distribution. If not, then download the distribution from the Linux FTP Server.
  • Next, set up the directory where you wish to install the FTSLinux distribution. In most cases, this only requires checking that you have enough space on that disk partition.
  • The recommended method for installing FTSLinux is to use the installer script. This script contains all the necessary commands for installing the distribution from a CD-ROM, from the local filesystem or over the internet

The detailed installation procedure is described in the following steps.

Supported Architecture: Intel
Introduction to FTS Linux Installation
Downloading the Distribution
Using the Installer Script
The Installation Directories
Installing using RPMs
Using YUM Tools
Updating the FTSLinux Distribution
Uninstalling FTS Linux