Introduction to FTS Linux Installation The purpose of this guide is to help you get an FTS Linux system up and running on an Intel 80x86 based System. In addition to the platform, you will also need:

  • an x86 PC running Linux, fitted with an NIC (Ethernet) card
  • a network router
  • suitable cables and connectors to link these devices, but only Ethernet is supported from Linux hosts
  • if you require access to the Linux console using a serial connection, a terminal that can plug into the RS232 port on the SoC platform or a serial cable to connect this port to the host PC (which will then emulate a terminal)
  • A target board connection kit appropriate to your architecture

The purpose of the PC is to build and host the software to run on the target platform. It may also perform the roles of Network File System (NFS) server and terminal emulator.

 Linux Target Board Setup