Home Automation and Security System

Home Control System is an integration of three systems like Single Board Computer System,  Nano Httpd web server and Sensors.

The Home Automation and Security system is based on Single Board Computer System like (Raspberry, Orange Pi..) and It is connected to various sensors like Audio , Video and Temperature Sensor. (For Testing Purpose , we  can use a Low cost Smart Mobile Phone to simulate all the sensor functionalities.) .

Mobile App based Control 

There will be Two Android App which can make the Complete Home Automation System

1. Home Automation Companion App  : This App contains the Sensor related Activity

2. Home Automation Controller App : This App contains the UI and User related Activity


Web based Control 

Web based Control is an alternative choice of Home Automation Controller App

This is achieved by the use of the Nano Httpd web server and a designed web page using HTML, SiteObject, java script and java applet. The developed system when connected to the network via wifi network then internet allows users to remotely control and monitoring home appliances.