FTS Solution possesses expertise skills on the latest tools and technologies that are emerging in Software Industry.

Our technical team is proficient enough to work on Linux Kernel, Drivers , Applications and as well as Java suite along with wide array of Databases like MS SQL Server 2008, Oracle 8i , MySQL, MS Access, and so on.

FTS Solution is specialized in Linux based embedded system and decision making application; be it on a network, Internet, or distributed database system.

We believe that our success revolves around the pool of talented software professionals, who are experienced in a variety of technological platforms, processes, tools and paradigms

Some of the tools and technologies in which our expertise lies in are as mentioned below:

  • LANGUAGES                 Assembly Language, C, C++, SDL
  • OPERATING SYSTEM    Windows, UNIX, Linux, IRMx, VxWorks, QNX
  • DEVELOPMENT TOOLS  Intel-x86 & ST40 Tools set , Platform Builder, Visual Studio.NET  
  • DESIGNING TOOLS       Team Work, Rational Rose UML
  • STANDARD                 HDMI, USB, IEEE, Intel MultiBus, ST Bus
  • MULTIMEDIA               MPEG-1, MPEG-2, H264, DVD Video, DVD+RW
  • LINUX TOOLS              BUILDROOT, GDB, Linux Workbench
  • DATABASES                MS SQL Server, My SQL
  • VERSION CONTROL      Rational Clear Case, Linux based GIT
  • TRACKING SYSTEM      Rational DDTS, BugZilla and CodeX
  • HARDWARE SYSTEM   Intel 80x86 and ST SuperHitachi microprocessor based Computer System