In use, the user programs the desired settings into the control unit either directly at the home or via the data center through an external computer. when a condition within the home reaches a warning level (i.e. an “event”) such as high temperature, the control unit sends an alert to the data center through the global computer network. The data center may notify an auxiliary service such as a fire department informing them of the home's condition. The data center would also provide relevant information to the auxiliary service regarding the home such as the owner's name, telephone number, address of the home and other relevant information. In addition, the data center may also send an alert to the homeowner through various types of communication means such as e-mail, pager, and warning upon the control page, personal call or other communication means.

The homeowner may connect to the data center through a conventional web browser or other software program through a computer . The homeowner may have a home that is shown as a default upon the control page. However, the homeowner may also select a home to view information about if they have more than one home connected to the data center with a control unit. The homeowner may then select which home they desire to either “request” information about or provide a “command” to. If the homeowner simply desires to receive information about a home, they can select the item that they desire to receive information about such as the interior temperature of the home or images within the home. the data center transmits a “connect” command to the control unit. If the control unit is online and receives the connect command, the control unit then transmits a connected signal to the data center thereby establishing a secure connection to the control unit. The data center may then request from the control unit the desired information if not currently updated. The control unit then uploads the requested data to the data center and receives any commands from the data center that the homeowner previously programmed into the data center through the control page. The data center then transmits to the homeowner the desired data for viewing.